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Four reasons why to choose Swarovski crystals

Premium products bring higher value

Designs featuring Swarovski crystals convey quality, expertise, delight and thereby increase consumers’ willingness to pay a higher price*.

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Consistency in color & variety

Discover over 16,300 crystals in 70 colors and 40 effects, with the highest availability in the industry across all categories, sizes and cuts.

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High quality, precision cuts

Achieve incredible sparkle with our outstanding technology, which uses advanced optical measurement for unmatched brilliance.

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The responsible choice

We create safe and responsible products with pioneering technology and a conscious luxury approach that’s at the core of our business.

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Shop the right crystals for every design

From Round Stones and Crystal Pearls for jewelry and fashion designs to Flat Backs for dancesport, nail art and more, get started with Swarovski crystals now.

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Dive into 125 years of innovation and crystal artistry

Since 1895, Swarovski has been the premium brand for the finest crystal elements. For 125 years, the company has been recognized for its pioneering spirit, setting the trends that inspire designers around the world, and creating the high-quality crystals that add extra sparkle and value to your designs.

Image of Swarovski‘s premium crystals

How you can benefit

Premium products bring higher value

At Swarovski, our aim is to create greater value for you and your clients, thereby increasing your business potential. With our precision cuts, incredible facets and endless variety of cuts and colors, using our crystals in your designs is a proven way to profit from the prestige of the Swarovski brand.

Products embellished with crystals increase consumers’ willingness to pay by an average of 89% across different product categories such as jewelry or fashion*.
Consumers know that the Swarovski name is a synonym for the finest crystals in the world and may be willing to pay a premium for what they know is a superior, sparkling result.

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Image of Swarovski‘s color variety of crystals

The experts in the world of crystals

Consistency in color & quality

Swarovski has over 16,300 types of crystals available in 70 colors and 40 effects, with the highest availability and consistency across all categories, sizes and cuts within the industry.

We have a long history of transforming brilliant ideas into the greatest assortment of crystal cuts and designs in the industry. Our in-house team is at the vanguard of what’s new, giving us a competitive advantage. We’re always the first to launch new colors and effects.

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Image of Swarovski‘s precision cuts of crystals

Incredible facets on every crystal

High quality, precision cuts

At Swarovski, we create over 250 different cuts and shapes of crystals, all with a superior brilliance, clarity, cut and color. Our unique technology that is based on scientific principles, uses advanced optical measurements and high-precision cutting to deliver premium crystals with complex sophisticated surfaces.

For quality assurance our crystals are digitally and manually checked. Our meticulous approach underlines our international reputation for excellence.

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Image of Swarovski‘s responsible crystal choice

Conscious Luxury at Swarovski

The responsible choice

Swarovski has a longstanding commitment to creating safe, responsible products, and we continuously innovate to exceed product safety regulations, often before new legislation is introduced. Thanks to its pioneering technology, Swarovski has developed Advanced Crystal, the most advanced crystal composition on the market today, compliant with the strictest laws in the market.

Swarovski is committed to offering conscious luxury. We take a modern and progressive approach to business that respects the wellbeing of people and the planet.

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*GfK study with 5,200 consumers (25 – 60  years, female) in China, Germany, Italy, USA and UK (2017)

Swarovski as a partner for larger projects

Application Services

Turn up your sparkle—and your revenue. We offer special support for special customers: a comprehensive range of application services that provide technical and production expertise where and when you want it, saving you time and money.

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Branding Solutions

Become a branding partner and give your business a distinctive identity. Let us join you on your journey, from product creation and effective marketing to complete sell-out.

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1-on-1 Support

Still have a question? No problem—you can find our contact details here. We’re happy to help anytime.

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Discover Swarovski for yourself

What‘s so special about Swarovski? We offer a vast assortment of cuts, colors and effects – find out which crystals are right for you with our smaller packing units of 10 or 100 sparkling crystals.

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