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Swarovski Elements — loose crystals for exclusive designs

Swarovski Elements are available in a wide range of very different sizes, colors, cuts and shapes, and can be easily and quickly applied mechanically or by hand to numerous surfaces. Thanks to our choice you are guaranteed to find the perfect crystal element for every one of your design needs. 

From precious Charms, Beads and Buttons to luxurious Pearls and extraordinary Fancy Stones in the refined Xirius cut, to practical Flat Back Hotfix stones, which can be attached very quickly thanks to their adhesive layer: You only need to choose which item should shine with these exquisite glass stones.

Swarovski Elements is now Swarovski Crystals

The "Swarovski Crystals" brand officially replaced the "Swarovski Elements" name in September 2013 to concentrate all marketing activities into one main brand.
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Discover Swarovski‘s unmatched brilliance and first-class quality Swarovski Elements.
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Discover Swarovski crystals in almost every imaginable color, shape, and for any application method.

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Swarovski Elements: a dazzling selection

Swarovski Elements are precision cut loose crystal elements made from a combination of quartz, sand and minerals. Manufactured since 1895, they enjoy continued popularity thanks to their unmatched brilliance and first-class quality.

Today, Swarovski is the world leader in crystal ornaments, and the jewelry, fashion and interior design industries value the radiance of the sparkling glass stones to instantly give heightened exclusivity and glamor to any creation.

How to recognize authentic Swarovski stones

Swarovski Elements are known around the world for their unmatched elegance – so it is no surprise that imitators regularly try to copy the luxurious stones. However, you can immediately identify a genuine Swarovski original by the following features:

  • All crystals are uniform in size, height and width and are cut at a constant angle.

  • The facet juncture for each crystal is "sharpened", meaning all junctures of the facets meet at exactly the same point.

  • Swarovski originals possess an incomparable brilliance, which is created by the special combination of raw materials and the absolute precision of the grinding and polishing processes.

  • There are no color variations between Swarovski crystals within the same product family.

  • Swarovski elements feature a clear surface luster, with no stains, scratches or oily sheen.

  • Swarovski crystals are perfect with no bubbles or other flaws.