We regret to inform you that we will stop our online services as of December 31, 2020. Registrations and orders entry are blocked as from 1st of December.

Discover the whole world of Swarovski

Global network for DIY enthusiasts

Swarovski Create Your Style

Connect and share with personal design enthusiasts of every skill level at Create Your Style, the global network for creative design with Swarovski crystals.

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Ordering system for big customers

B2B E-Commerce Platform

The B2B E-Commerce Platform enables you to buy loose Swarovski crystals and semi-finished products in large quantities. To shop there you need an account given to you by the local sales office.

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Light meets Crystal — Website for lighting designs

Swarovski Lighting

Explore Swarovski´s product portfolio, as well as its Lighting and Interiors services. From finished chandeliers to bespoke projects, Swarovski Lighting introduces magical sparkle to your home.

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Reward loyalty, show appreciation, celebrate

Corporate Gifts Website

Swarovski’s inspiring, crystal-embellished gift collections offer stylish and appropriate choices with a touch of luxury that span lifestyle, tech, sport, and home/office accessories.

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The various facets of Swarovski

Swarovski Group

Explore the world of Swarovski and find out more about our multi-faceted business: genuine gemstones and manufactured crystals, fashion and jewelry, accessories and beauty, architecture and lighting, sustainability projects, entertainment and the arts, plus optical instruments and grinding tools.

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Showroom for artistic creations

Crystals from Swarovski

Crystals from Swarovski is the premium brand for finest crystal products manufactured by Swarovski. Our business partners benefit from superior product quality and first-class services such as trend consultancy and application support. Explore the website to see an editorial collection of the diverse Swarovski crystal-embellished products.

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The ultimate luxury crystal accessories

Atelier Swarovski

Innovative crystal jewelry and accessories created by the high-profile and cutting-edge designers for the latest Atelier Swarovski collection.

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Brilliant collections for every need and taste

Consumer goods business Website

Discover our Consumer Goods Business: from timeless daywear to bold, glamorous and fashionable jewelry and evening bags. Swarovski launches new collections on quarterly basis, offering something for every need and taste.

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World famous crystal wonderland

Kristallwelten/ Crystalworlds

Opened in 1995 to celebrate one hundred years of Swarovski, the Swarovski crystals worlds have already enchanted more than ten million visitors from all over the world with moments of wonder.

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Not just crystals — Exquisite genuine gemstones

Swarovski Gemstones

Find out more about Swarovski radiant world of Genuine Gemstones and Zirconia and explore how Swarovski pushes the industry’s boundaries of brilliance and precision cutting.

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Leading supplier for high-precision optical instruments


Founded in 1949, located in Tyrol, addicted to the beauty of the moment: see the unseen with Swarovski Optik instruments including binoculars, spotting scopes, and tripods. Perfect for hunting, nature observation, travel and leisure.

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