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The Right Crystal Size For Every Design Idea

Crystal size charts

Swarovski crystal size charts & measurements: the right crystal size for every design idea

There are a wide variety of crystal types, including round, flat, pointed, and more. But how do you decide what the right crystal size is for your project? What units of measurement do crystals come in? And how do they convert into standard measurements?

Swarovski crystal pearls in different sizes

Crystal sizes at a glance

In the Swarovski crystal size chart, illustrations of the actual sizes as well as a conversion overview of all size references (PP, SS, MM) are included. Use the chart to easily determine the perfect size of Swarovski crystals for every design.

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Swarovski crystal pearls in different sizes

For a complete overview, you can also find size charts for all crystal products in our comprehensive crystal collection. Here, all product categories, in the available cuts, colors and sizes are listed.

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Swarovski crystal pearls in different sizes

There are three common sizing methods of crystals: pp (pearl plate), ss (stone size) and mm (millimeter size).

PP (Pearl Plate)

PP was the measurement originally used for pearls, where pearls were placed on a plate with holes of all sizes. When a pearl passed through a hole, its size corresponded to the size of the hole. Today, PP is used in the jewelry and watch industry for very small Round Stones, up to a diameter of 4.2mm. The PP unit differentiates crystals down to a tenth of a millimeter (0.1mm). For instance, PP1 is 0.8-0.9mm, while PP2 is 0.9-1.00mm; indeed, very small Round Stones are measured in a range of sizes rather than a precise measurement.

SS (Stone Size or Sieve Size)

SS units are slightly larger than PP measurements but still smaller than MM units, therefore also used for smaller sizes. The SS method is common in the jewelry and fashion industry for round crystals (Round Stones and round Flat Backs) ranging from a diameter of 4mm to a maximum size of SS75 (18.4mm).

MM (Millimeter)

Finally, mm is used to measure big-sized round crystals as well as all the remaining product groups independent of their size, including Fancy Stones, Beads, Pendants, Crystal Pearls, Sew-ons and Creation Stones.

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