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Crystal details

What is foiling?

What is foiling on Swarovski crystals?

Foiling is the process of mirror coating the reverse side of a crystal. The mirror increases a crystal’s brilliance, and the foiling also serves to protect the crystal when placed in cavities or glued or soldered onto surfaces.
Swarovski’s advanced foiling technique has set a new standard in the lifespan of crystals, especially for Round Stones, Fancy Stones, Flat Backs, Sew On Stones. Foiling is not available on Beads, Pendants or Crystal Pearls.

Unfoiled vs. Foiled Swarovski crystals

Unfoiled Swarovski crystals

Unfoiled crystals

Unfoiled crystals are mainly used for open back settings as they create a fine jewelry look. They are also used as an eye-catching, translucent filling material to add sparkle to creative projects.

Foiled Swarovski crystals

Foiled crystals

Foiling offers a high quality, protective layer that’s necessary when placing crystals into cavities or gluing or soldering them to surfaces. The mirror coating also increases a crystal’s brilliance.

Why foiling?

See how Swarovski‘s foiled crystals have increased brilliance

Increased Brilliance

The silver-colored mirror backing increases the amount of light reflected and therefore the brilliance of the crystal.

Swarovski‘s foiled crystals have increased protection

Increased Protection

Foiling protects crystals from chemical reactions when glued, plated or soldered, mechanical stress, and sweat, UV or perfume.

Swarovski‘s foiled crystals have increased strength

Increased strength

Overall, foiled crystals have an increased lifespan and durability compared to unfoiled crystals.

Four types of foiling


A silver-colored mirror finish that is coated with a platinum-colored protective layer of the highest quality. The Platinum-colored Pro Foiling is not only resistant to environmental damage from chlorine, salt water, and perfume, it can also withstand processes such as soldering and electroplating, giving it unprecedented durability (e.g. art. 4120).

*Silver-colored mirror coated with a platinum-colored protective layer.

Which categories are available with foiling?

The type of foiling depends on the product category and is clearly indicated within the product details.

Round Stones 1      
Fancy Stones 1      
Flat Backs Hotfix   2 3    
Flat Backs no Hotfix 1        
Sew-On Stones      
Beads       4
Pendants       4

1 except LacquerPRO
2 only XILION, XIRIUS Rose and Concise
3 except XILION, XIRIUS and Concise Flat Back
4 only for the following effects: Bermuda Blue, Vitrail Medium, CAL, Vitrail Light, Sahara, Heliotrope, Volcano

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