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125 years of timeless brilliance

With 125 years at the leading edge of crystal design and technology, Swarovski is proud of its many milestones. Join us as we shine a spotline on and celebrate the most important crystal innovations that have helped your designs sparkle.

We've invented the products that match your needs, and we look forward to a future of brilliance – stay tuned for more news throughout this celebration year.

Brilliant innovations our customers love

Different Swarovski crystals with AB effect, Aurore Boreale effect by Swarovski Professional

Crystal innovation #1

The Aurore Boreale Effect

In 1956, Daniel Swarovski introduced the ‘Aurore Boreale’—the AB—effect, named for the Northern Lights and a new, revolutionary method of surface coating that allows crystals to sparkle even more brightly and shimmer in every color of the rainbow.

Christian Dior was the first designer to feature the effect in many of his unforgettable collections. Today, the AB Effect remains popular in almost every product category.

Design with Flat Backs Hotfix crystals by Swarovski Professional

Crystal innovation #2

The Hotfix Technology

At Swarovski, the mid 1970s started with the arrival of Hotfix, a technology that enabled crystals to be applied using an iron or heat press thanks to a pre-coated, heat-sensitive glue. Suddenly, using crystals was easy and possible without settings!

This revolutionized the fashion industry, offering an array of new design possibilities. Today, Flat Backs Hotfix are available in myriad colors, shapes and cuts, and even pre-placed on a carrier foil known as “transfers”—and are used across categories and textiles.

XIRIUS chaton crystal by Swarovski Professional

Crystal innovation #3

The Xirius cut

Swarovski has continuously set new standards in precision cutting with its X series, from Xilion (2004) and Xirius (2012) to Xero (2015), featuring the smallest diameter in the world at 0.7mm.

The Xirius Chaton, named after the brightest star in the galaxy, has a gemstone-like cut, rich color, and enhanced foiling, giving it exceptional durability and bringing it one step closer to the diamond. This revolutionary cut was also introduced in Flat Back version – the Xirius Rose.

Crystal trimmings by Swarovski Professional

Crystal innovation #4


In the early 20th century, the fashion industry began to place new demands on crystal: for instance, the short hairstyles of the 1930s meant women could not wear decorative combs.

Instead, Swarovski developed a crystal-embellished band of material, so rather than sewing individual crystals on by hand, borders, cuffs, and collars could now be crystallized. These ‘trimmings’ were the first of many trend-driven innovations, followed by the bestselling Crystal Mesh that was created in 1993.

Swarovski crystals with Ignite effect by Swarovski Professional

Crystal innovation #5

The ignite effect

The Ignite effect is unfoiled yet maintains an intense sparkle that’s unmatched by any other crystal on the market. It also allows open back settings to be used, offering new ways to emulate fine jewelry looks that were simply not possible before.

High-tech, transparent, and with a stunning level of sophistication, this is a crystal effect developed especially for the modern digital age.

Swarovski Mystic Square Fancy Stone by Swarovski Professional

Crystal innovation #6

The Mystic Square Fancy Stone

The new, mesmerizing Mystic Square Fancy Stone blends the classic feel of a traditional cushion shape with modern inspiration. It has precision-cut facets on the front and a grooved reverse side, giving it a look that’s both contemporary and precious.

Created to celebrate 125 years of Swarovski, this crystal makes an impressive centerpiece – and there is nothing like it on the market.

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