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1. Uncut and Rimmed Articles

Most Swarovski crystals are precision-cut to create facets that refract light. Some, however, are uncut—for example Crystal Pearls. Uncut crystals are denoted by the product code suffix /4.

Swarovski loose crystals are usually unrimmed, but those set within a metal ring are identified with the suffix /H. 

If only part of the article has been treated with an effect, the product code has the suffix /I.

2. Sizes

Swarovski crystals are measured in different ways, according to their shape. Pearl Plate (PP), Sieve Size or Stone Size (SS) are used to measure Round Stones. Pearl Plate is a method originally used to measure pearls by placing them on a plate or surface with holes, and sizing them according to the holes they fell through. The Sieve Size or Stone Size measurements are based on the same principle.

Metric measurements are given in millimeters.

3. Colors

Colored Swarovski crystals are completely permeated with a base color during the production process. Color is therefore integral to a crystal and intensified by the play of light through its facets. Swarovski crystals come in more than 80 colors across all the product groups: the Classic assortment includes all the classic jewelry colors, while the Exclusive assortment includes trend-led colors that are exclusive to Swarovski. As colors can appear different according to the light source, to ensure consistency Swarovski uses the standard daylight simulator D50 to describe and compare crystals colors.

4. Effects

Unlike colors, which are created during the production process and permeate the whole crystal, effects are applied to Swarovski crystals as part of the finishing process. Vacuum-coating processes are used on the surface of a crystal to produce either a special surface or a translucent effect. When used on the surface, this process creates shimmering, metallic or iridescent colors. When used on the reverse, the vacuum coating creates a translucent effect that intensifies as the light shines through the transparent crystal. This process is also used to create the timeless patina effect on the surface of a Swarovski crystal—the LacquerPRO effect is created by applying a premium opaque varnish to the reverse side of the crystal.

5. Foiling

This is the process of mirror-coating the reverse side of crystals. Swarovski crystals offer the following foiling processes:

  • Silver Foiling, denoted by the letter A in the product code, is a silver mirror finish applied only to XIRIUS and XILION Hotfix crystals from Swarovski
  • Platinum* Pro Foiling (F) is a technique that uses silver foiling with a platinum protective finish. It is extremely durable and resistant to environmental damage (chlorine, salt water, and perfume), and it can also withstand mechanical processes such as soldering and electroplating.
  • Aluminum Foiling (M) is an aluminum finish applied using vacuum coating. Protective Layer (P) is a transparent lacquer system used for beads and pendants. It protects against damage from wearing (e.g., fingerprints, scratches, and the like) and also helps prevent moisture from penetrating into the effect layer.

6. Hotfix Technology (HF)

Hotfix (HF) is a specially developed, extremely flexible glue applied to the reverse side of Flat Back Swarovski crystals. It is activated at temperatures between 120° and 170° and bonds with the carrier material. During the cooling-off process it permanently fixes the crystal element to the carrier material. Hotfix Transparent (HFT) is a variant of Hotfix applied to the reverse of non-mirror finished Flat Backs. It creates a “raindrop” effect that allows the crystal to take on the color of the carrier material; it is also used with Lacquer effects on Flat Back crystals. No Hotfix (No HF) versions of Hotfix articles are also available.

7. Swarovski Customized Solutions

If a customer requires a specific color or effect that is not available in our standard selection of loose Swarovski crystals or Forward Integrated Elements, such as Crystal Mesh, Synthetics or Pavé products, you can create your own through our range of mix-and-match options. Swarovski is also able to offer unique customized solutions. There are myriad possibilities, ranging from a bespoke shape or size of crystal to a uniquely patterned surface created by crystal frosting, or a personalized crystal design using state-of-the-art printing technology. We may even be able to create a unique CeralunTM color for you.