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Care Instructions for Swarovski Products

Swarovski Crystal Care

To ensure the highest quality and longest-lasting applications of Swarovski products, proper care is essential.

How to Clean Swarovski Crystal Jewelry on Textile Items?

Find out which crystals can be washed and at what temperatures by following our detailed textile care instructions. Browse our sample list of care directives for Swarovski products and a comprehensive run-down of cleaning and care procedures inside our eBook.

The eBook establishes specific care recommendations, offering instructions on the most appropriate custom care per Swarovski product, including guidance on:

  • Swarovski crystal protection — When washing clothes with Swarovski crystals applied to them it is recommended that you turn them inside out before placing them in a soft wash bag and filling the drum.
  • Laundry detergent type — Select a gentle wash cycle and use a mild detergent. This will all offer a certain level of protection and maintain the quality of crystals from Swarovski.
  • Wash cycle strength — When washing Swarovski crystals in a washing machine, the most important factor in ensuring a secure wash is correctly applying the product, without compromising its adhesion.
  • We also publish information on chlorine bleach usage, tumble drying, ironing of textile materials and dry cleaning.

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If you follow Swarovski’s care instructions, you will restore your Swarovski crystals to their full brilliance and reflectivity. If you don’t follow these instructions, you could risk damaging the crystals and surrounding textiles. This is especially important when using a standard household washing machine, or dry cleaning service, to wash your clothes, as the rotating drum places significant mechanical force on the textiles. The larger the product employed, and the more products are applied next to each other, the greater the risk of damage.

For specific washing and bleaching instructions for Swarovski crystals, consult our downloadable Application Manual, comprising general care recommendations for all of our products.

Swarovski Cleaning and Care: Tips and Instructions for crystals not applied on textiles

  • Use a clean, dry and antistatic cloth to remove light dust layers.
  • Prevent fingerprints when handling Swarovski crystals with white cotton gloves.
  • For heavier dirt, use lukewarm water with a little dishwashing detergent.
  • Ensure the quality and elegance of your Swarovski crystals are maintained by following these tips, and consult the full textile care instructions from our thorough cleaning guide.

Additional information for Cleaning Swarovski Crystals:

Swarovski customers are asked to carry out their own assessment of each product beforehand to decide on the appropriate method of cleaning. Our detailed care instructions list all product groups and will help you assess the best course of action. These recommendations given by Swarovski reflect our current level of knowledge. Swarovski uses these recommendations to decide on the suitability of the product for textile applications.

When deciding on the appropriate cleaning process to employ, it is necessary to consider the shape, cut and size of Swarovski crystals and stones that have been used, as well as the surface effect, weight of the application and the quantity of crystals used. To avoid all risks, customers/textile cleaning companies should remove any large crystal stones, buttons, etc., that have been stitched on before cleaning, and stitch them back on again afterwards.

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