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Proper Use Guidelines for Swarovski® Trademarks

How to communicate the Swarovski trademarks if you are not a branding partner?

Swarovski puts great effort in the protection of our brand. In order to support you in using and communicating our brand correctly, we would like to provide practical guidance on the proper use of the Swarovski trademarks. These guidelines target all customers and consumers (without a branding contract) worldwide, who buy Swarovski Branded Crystals either directly from Swarovski or via our international distribution network. Practical examples and detailed guidelines provide direction regarding how to reference the Swarovski trademarks properly for customers who resell Swarovski crystals and who sell products embellished with crystals from Swarovski®.

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Golden rules of the Proper Use Guidelines for customers who are not Swarovski branding partners:

1. 100% rule

Refer to Swarovski only when talking about Swarovski products or products made with 100% Swarovski® Branded Crystals.

2. No logo usage

Do not use the Swan logo, the Ingredient Brand Logo and any other Swarovski logos unless you have signed a logo agreement.

3. Prominence of your name and brand

It must be clear who the producer and/or marketer of the finished product is, therefore use the Swarovski® trademark solely as a text reference in body copy.

4. Use Swarovski only as an Ingredient Brand

To clarify the role of Swarovski as a crystal provider and not the product owner, use the wording ‘xyz product embellished with crystals from Swarovski®’.

5. Correct use of the word Swarovski

Use the word Swarovski in the same font and size as the surrounding text.

6. Correct use of trademark symbol „® “

Use „® “ after Swarovski at least once per page where Swarovski is mentioned as an Ingredient Brand or a brand for loose crystals/forward-integrated products.

7. Use the Swarovski trademark as an adjective and the company name as a noun

Right: „…encrusted with glittering crystals from Swarovski®.

Wrong: „…encrusted with glittering Swarovskis®.“

8. Integrity of the Swarovski name

Do not incorporate the name Swarovski into logos, company names, company cards, internet page names, domain names, names of the finished product collection etc.

9. No Swarovski „look&feel“

Do not use any copyrighted material developed by Swarovski, e.g. visuals, videos, images.

10. Responsibility for partners and resellers

If selling your products through others, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are marketed fairly, honestly and in a way that is not potentially misleading.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the proper usage of the Swarovski brand, please get in contact with us: sp.branding@swarovski.com.

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