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Example of how to apply Swarovski stones using Sewing, embroidery and hand application

Sewing, embroidery & hand application

All information and products on the Sewing, embroidery and hand application of Swarovski crystals

Many Swarovski products are suitable for sewing and embroidering onto garments, jewelry, interior pieces and more—whatever you can dream up! You can easily apply them by hand or with standard domestic or industrial sewing and embroidery machines. Swarovski also offers a sparkling selection of sew-on crystals and other products for other by-hand creation techniques, like beading and wire working.

Application Videos — How to use the Sewing, embroidery and hand application method

Machines and tools

When it comes to sewing, embroidery and hand application, you have lots of tools to choose from, e.g. household sewing machine, industrial sewing machine and fully automatic embroidery machines. For more tools and aids, please have a look at the application manual.

How to apply Swarovski crystals by hand

How to select the best thread to apply Swarovski stones

Select the best thread for your Swarovski product

When sewing Swarovski products—particularly Sew-on Articles, Crystal Buttons and Beads—synthetic multifilament threads with a thread count of Nm 50 – 80 are best. We don’t recommend using monofilament and pure cotton yarns due to their limited abrasion resistance.

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Select the right stitch type to apply Swarovski stones

Select the right stitch

Swarovski products can be sewn on using a variety of stitch types. Use the straight stitch for multi-row products. Use the zigzag stitch for single-row products (we recommend using an adapted presser foot with this technique). Crystal Buttons and Sew-on Articles can be applied with either the button sewing program or the zigzag stitch.

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Other hand application techniques for Swarovski stones

Other hand application techniques for Swarovski stones

In addition to sewing and embroidery, there are range of creative application techniques you can use to apply Swarovski products:

  • knitting
  • weaving
  • crocheting
  • knotting
  • beading 
  • threading 
  • wire working

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How to apply Swarovski crystals using machines

Apply Swarovski stones using a sewing machine

How to apply Swarovski stones with a sewing machine

It’s important to choose the right needle (strength Nm 70 – 100), sewing thread and thread tension (upper and lower thread) for applications with a sewing machine. Test your fabric before you begin, and make sure the machine settings are correct for your product.

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Apply Swarovski stones using an embroidery machine

How to apply Swarovski stones with an embroidery machine

Embroidery machines are ideal for applying motifs. First, design the motif and choose the correct Plastic Trimming and embroidery thread. Wind the Plastic Trimming onto a suitable spool and fix the fabric with spray glue. Now you’re ready to start stitching.

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It’s all here — the step–by–step instructions for applying Swarovski crystals to your desired material. Read online or download now.


Products best suited for Sewing, embroidery and hand application

Beads — Swarovski jewelry crystals


Jewelry crystals

Beads offer the highest standard available on the market. The high-quality precision cutting and the clear through-hole achieve high brilliance and clarity. Rounded hole edges reduce the wear on thread and increase the durability of designs.

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