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Examples of how to apply Swarovski self-adhesive elements

Easy, fast and ready to apply

Self-adhesive elements

All information and products on Self-adhesive elements of Swarovski crystals

The eye-catching, innovative Self-Adhesive elements come ready to apply with a glue-covered reverse side. Swarovski Coldfix and IT Film are two Swarovski Self-Adhesive options for creating fantastic designs with ease. They allow for quick, easy application—just like a sticker.

Application Videos — How to use the Self–adhesive elements


What kind of self–adhesive elements exist and how do they work


Information on synthetic coldfix from Swarovski

What is synthetic coldfix

Synthetic Coldfix was developed by Swarovski to be used with heat- and pressure-sensitive materials not suitable for Hotfix Application, such as silk, cashmere, wool, genuine and artificial leathers and fabrics treated with a water-repellent coating, like Lycra® and neoprene. It’s a highly effective adhesive that makes it possible to apply Synthetic products to delicate fabric surfaces in an instant.

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Information on synthetic IT film and Crystal-it infinity from Swarovski

What is synthetic IT film and Crystal-it infinity

Synthetic IT Film and Crystal-it Infinity products are ready to apply to solid materials and surfaces such as paper, metal and glass, allowing easy and fast application.

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Create a cavity before applying the Swarovski self-adhesive elements

Create a cavity

Before you do anything else, create a cavity for easy positioning. This step also protects your Swarovski Self-Adhesive elements from mechanical and chemical stress. Refer to the application manual for more details.

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Pre-treat your materials for the application of Swarovski self-adhesive elements

Pre-treat your materials

First, make sure your carrier surface is suitable for the application of Swarovski Self-Adhesive elements. Then use a test pen to check the surface tension. You may need to pre-treat the surface to make sure the tension is correct. Learn more in the application manual.

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It’s all here — the step–by–step instructions for applying Swarovski crystals to your desired material. Read online or download now.


Products best suited for Self-adhesive elements

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Transfers — Adhesive Swarovski crystal motives


Adhesive crystal motives

Transfers offer endless possibilities of customized ready-to-use motifs, removing the need for hand-placing individual crystals. Made up of the preferred selection of Flat Backs pre-placed on a single carrier foil, they are ideal for use in womenswear, sportswear and home décor.

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