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Example of how to apply Swarovski rhinestones using the gluing application

The flexible, easy application method


All information and products on the gluing application of Swarovski crystals

Gluing is a great way to secure Swarovski crystals to a wide range of materials in diverse areas of application. It has both the ideal mechanical resistance and the ideal chemical resistance. And it’s our most future–oriented application solution. Gluing is perfect for jewelry, fashion and interiors.

Application Videos — How to use the gluing method

How the Gluing application works

There are many ways to use the gluing method to adhere Swarovski crystals to your jewelry, fashion or home décor creations — and it’s important to know which method works best. They all create a strong bond between materials and the Swarovski rhinestones, resulting in a long–lasting, durable adhesion that enhances your work with unforgettable sparkle.

How to apply Swarovski

High-performance gluing

Our Swarovski glues are strong, two-component epoxy resin gluing systems for both foiled and unfoiled Swarovski crystals. To make sure the bond is strong, it’s important to follow the application steps in the right order. The most common reasons for crystals becoming detached are inappropriate areas of application, poorly produced cavities, unsuitable gluing systems, and insufficient quantities of glue.

Types of Swarovski rhinestones that suit the gluing application

Cavity production

Many Swarovski crystals require cavities in order to be applied to materials to secure a stylish, long-lasting application. The cavity makes it easy to glue properly and ensures higher protection of the crystal against mechanical and chemical stress. Cavity production methods include drilling, milling, water jet cutting and casting.

Suitable product categories for the gluing application of Swarovski crystals


Round Stones — simply round Swarovski stones

Round Stones

Simply round crystals

Round Stones are loose crystal elements offered in a range of sizes, cuts and colors. Most are pointed on the reverse, making them easy to fit into metal claw settings or glue into pre-cast cavities.

Discover all Round Stones products

The application manual e–book — Everything you need to know to apply Swarovski products with gluing

There are many ways to use the gluing method. Start here to learn how to choose the right method for your materials, how to properly prepare your materials, what steps to follow and more.

Machines, tools & aids

Discover the best tools and aids for applying Swarovski crystals with the gluing method—and learn how to find them.

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Compatible materials

The best fibres and materials to use with the gluing method.

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Preparing for gluing

It’s easy to get started—here are the simple steps to prepare your material and Swarovski products.

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Cavity production

Many Swarovski crystals require cavities in order to be applied to materials to secure a stylish, long–lasting application.

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It’s all here — the step–by–step instructions for applying Swarovski crystals to your desired material. Read online or download now.