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Inspirations, product recommendations and how-tos to make your business sparkle

Get inspired by various designs and discover the best application methods typically used for your business.

Discover how crystals make your passion and business sparkle


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Use the sparkle of Swarovski stones to add a unique beauty to your apparel design

Nail design & beauty

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From edgy-glam nail art to sparkling components and packaging, Swarovski creates the radiance

Jewelry & Watches

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Use colorful Swarovski stones to add your signature style to sparkling arm, finger and neck

Sport & Show

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Use superbly cut Swarovski crystals to accentuate the graceful lines of the moving body


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Elevate any accessory design with Swarovski’s ever-evolving range of crystal stones


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Crystallize each step for your sneakers, sandals and even slippers

Why Swarovski

Since 1895, Swarovski’s spirit of innovation and sustainability has driven us to create the high-quality crystals that add extra sparkle and value to your designs.

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Color charts

Discover the intensity and richness of Swarovski crystals hues and effects with our color charts.

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Ideas & Inspiration

Explore the Design Studio, our gallery of unique ideas for how to make your designs even more brilliant.

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Application methods

Easy tutorials in text and video demonstrate how to apply the crystals to your creations

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