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Support and enhance your creations with the perfect accompaniments: color charts to help you select your ideal crystals, and Glues and Ceralun for secure crystal application.


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Swarovski Crystal Color Charts, tools and supplies

Find your color inspiration at a glance

Swarovski Crystal Color Charts are the ideal way to choose the right shade of crystal for your next design project. Our color charts are available here and cover all ranges from beads and FlatBack Hotfix crystals, to sew-on articles and pendants. Explore the extensive choice of classic and new colors now with a Swarovski Crystal Color Chart.

Colors for every occasion

Whatever color, shade or effect you are looking for, you will find the perfect match using a Swarovski Crystal Color Chart. With an easy-to-navigate layout, colors and stones are grouped together, so you will quickly be able to find the right crystals in red, blue, yellow, green, black, white, or whatever color you need.

Swarovski Crystal Color Charts for on-the-go and in the studio

Swarovski Crystal Color Charts are also available free of charge as pdf files to download. Save them on your phone or laptop to show color options when visiting clients. Or keep them as a handy refence when you are designing your next jewelry piece, fashion item or home décor accessory.

Alternatively, you can purchase an acrylic Swarovski Crystal Color Chart to use as a stand-up display or to mount on the wall of your studio.

Easy application with Swarovski tools and supplies

Swarovski stones are very versatile and can be attached to surfaces in many different ways – both mechanical and by hand. To achieve and maintain the look you want, it is important to choose the right application method for your chosen crystals. This will depend on how the item will be used, together with the size and type of stones in the design.

Choosing the right Swarovski crystal glue

If the stones you are using might be exposed to humidity or perspiration on, for example, a bling swimsuit, then CG 500 glue is an ideal choice, as its integrity cannot be compromised by moisture. Alternatively, embellishing a shirt or blouse with Hotfix crystals ensures the item is still machine washable, as Hotfix stones are backed with heat-activated glue which bonds permanently.

Another option is CG 610 glue – a highly effective epoxy resin that only is needed in only the tiniest amounts to be effective. The 50 ml size comes with a mixing nozzle and dispensing gun and is therefore ideal for applying the smallest Swarovski crystals accurately to delicate designs.