9030 CG 500 Glue

CG 500 (A+B) is a high-performance epoxy resin glue system for foiled ...or unfoiled Swarovski crystals. It absorbs impacts, withstands distortion, and its optimum elasticity protects any foiling. Because the glue’s integrity cannot be compromised by moisture or ...perspiration, which leads to corrosion, crystallized items applied using CG 500 can be safely exposed to areas of high humidity without risk of damage. The glue also protects Swarovski crystals when exposed to chlorine or saltwater. Precise mixing of its two components is crucial, as only a fully homogenous mixture boasts mechanical and chemical resistance. Swarovski is the exclusive distributer of CG 500, for use in the jewelry, accessories, interiors, and electronics industries. Packing size 100ml.

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