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Flat Backs No Hotfix

Flat Backs No Hotfix are loose crystal elements backed with platinum foiling for extra brilliance and protection. These Flat Backs are easy to apply and are available in a multitude of sizes, colors, shapes, and cuts.


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Swarovski No Hotfix
Discover High Quality Flat Back Crystals

No Hotfix: Setting, gluing, soldering — make your design a reality

Swarovski No Hotfix stones have endless application possibilities. Make your design project shine and apply the rhinestones to textiles, wood, glass or choose one of the many crystal settings. The crystals can be part of an exclusive design for jewelry or can be applied to garments. The flat back makes Swarovski No Hotfix suitable for all these applications.

Discover No Hotfix in a variety of styles, shapes and colors

If you want to achieve an ultra–glamorous look, consider Flat Backs No Hotfix Crystals. With this range, you will find perfectly faceted crystals in 60 colors and many different cuts, including the classic Xilion Rose Enhanced or the complex Xirius cut with ultimate light refraction. Flat Back Crystals in the form of Raindrop or Rivoli Star are playful and romantic. Just let your imagination run wild.

Limitless design ideas — how to apply Swarovski No Hotfix

Flat Backs No Hotfix can be set or glued using different adhesives, for example the reliable Ceralun clay. Commercially available adhesives such as CG 500 have already produced excellent application results for mechanical and chemical durability, such as in fashion design or home décor. The two–component epoxy composite Ceralun is available in many colors, so that your setting blends with any Swarovski crystal. You can also mix them for the perfect color result.

Swarovski No Hotfix stones can also be combined with a large variety of metal settings. The simplest is the glue setting. After your crystal has been securely fixed in the setting, you can, depending on the design, thread it as a chain, sew, weave or mechanically attach it to textiles or leather.