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BeCharmed & Pavé

The BeCharmed assortment, from Beads, Crystal Pearls, Pavé, and Rondelles, to Stoppers and Pavé Balls in a brilliant array of colors and effects, offers unlimited combination possibilities. All products feature a high-quality stainless steel part and a 4.5 mm-diameter hole.


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Charms by Swarovski
The Crystal Collection for Creative Dreams

BeCharmed & Pavé: Pearls with countless combination possibilities

The BeCharmed & Pavé crystal collection offers artistic minds, such as fashion and jewelry designers as well as gift manufacturers, endless design and combination options for enchanting, individual creations. Whether for a classic charms bracelet or a coordinated jewelry set, for original necklaces or unique key rings, with BeCharmed & Pavé your creative dreams can come true.

The impressive palette ranges from high quality, round, silver–colored letter beads featuring set Swarovski crystals, to colorful, hand–crafted large hole beads with rhinestones from the Charms Beads range.

All elements can be threaded onto cords, rubber, textile or leather straps, or even woven. In addition, the products have polished, rounded edges to protect cords and wires. The durable core of the Swarovski charms is made of stainless steel. Original products can be identified by the "Swarovski Crystals" trademark — and by the sparkle of every single, flawless crystal that spectacularly maximizes the play of light.

Swarovski Charms — use the variety as a source of inspiration

Romantic or hip, classic or modern, high glam or punk? Swarovski charms are an exceptional source of inspiration for creative work. Discover the different colors, effects, shapes and surfaces of the crystal collection.

Lose yourself in colorful BeCharmed Beads, elegant Crystal BeCharmed Pearls, versatile BeCharmed Pavés or the glittering yet functional Pavé Stopper and Charms Ring.

Charms for any luxury bracelet include gold–tone Charms, playful charms such as Charms Hearts or themed collections. These charms are suitable for a whole range of occasions: including not only Christmas, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, but also Chinese New Year or the Munich Oktoberfest beer festival. Whether you choose single pearls to add to a necklace or bracelet or combine several products from the versatile BeCharmed & Pavé range, you will find the right crystal for every creative use.